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The farm is at the center of a triangle formed by the tolfa mounts, the tirrean sea and the two lakes of Bracciano and Martignano.

The agricultural farm “the farm Casale dei pozzi” was born from the recoverage of a land and of an 18th century stone farmhouse, situated between the hills of tolfa and the north litoral of Lazio.

The farm has been restaured using solutions particular to bio-architecture, untreated wooden finitions, walls with a lime and sand finish,etc.. the stress in the architectonic restauration work was put on keeping unchanged the spirit and soul of the building. The agricultural farm was keaddy as soon as the restauration work was over, and after two years testing, procedures to obtain the organic cetificate were open. So they chose AIAB as their certifiers.

Right from the start the cultivation was planned according to the biodynamic that started a quadrennial rotation of fruit, leaves, roots, flowers.The farm has been thought with wind protecting bushes, also at the benefit of the birds.
There is also a vast wild garden rich in various species of herbs. There are numerous cultivated plants from the commoest to the wildest, aromatic plants and more generaly local ones, naturally suited to the existing terrain. The farm animals (pigs, poltry, rabbits,etc) are used for the alimentation of the family and munure to fertilize the garden.


  • Aromatic herbs: From the common laurels, sage, rosemary, to the more “particular” Melissa(Melissa officinalis), Erba Ruta(Ruta graveolens), Dragoncello(Artemisia dracunculoides), Salvia ananas(Salvia elegans), Maggiorana(Origanum maiorana), Levistico(Levisticum officinalis), Santoreggia(Satureja montana), etc.
  • Ancient fruit plants: Corbezzolo(Arbutus unedo), Azzeruolo(Latregus azzeruolus), Corniolo(Cornus mascula), Giuggiolo(Ziziphus sativa), Nashi, Nespolo (Nespulus germanca), Sorbo(Sorbus domestica), Pistacchio(Pistacia lentiscus), and many other plants are available in the farm.

The farm is registered with the AIAB didactic farms circuit, and hosts cooking and bio-alimentation classes.

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